Susan Pilch Friedman ’77, P’08 Excellence Award in Women’s Leadership

Nomination Process for the 2023 Award

Students must be nominated for this award. Nominations may be submitted by any member of the Brown community and are DUE Friday, May 5, 2023. Please complete the online nomination form.  If you encounter difficulties, please contact Melissa Kimmell at [email protected].

About the Award

Established in 2015, by a group of Brown alumnae and parents, in honor and celebration of Susan Friedman’s tireless efforts in the area of women’s leadership, the Award seeks to recognize any senior undergraduate student who best exemplifies the outstanding leadership that Susan seeks to promote. The inaugural Award was made in May 2016.

Susan Friedman conceived of the Brown Women’s Leadership Council and was appointed by then President Ruth J. Simmons as the first chair of the Council in 2004. Through her creative vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and generous philanthropic support, the Council has developed into a vibrant and diverse community of women leaders, volunteers, mentors, and philanthropists at Brown.

Mentoring has been central to both Susan Friedman’s vision and the Women’s Leadership Council’s mission as a way to empower the next generation of leaders. Susan has personally mentored Brown students and worked to institutionalize one-on-one mentoring for Brown students with Brown alumnae through the Women’s Launch Pad. 


This $1,000 prize is to be awarded to an undergraduate college senior anticipated to graduate in May 2023 or December 2023 who:

  • has worked to empower and promote women as leaders;
  • has demonstrated a dedication to relationship building and/or mentorship as part of their leadership efforts; and
  • has had a positive and tangible impact on groups, organizations and/or individuals, through their leadership efforts, on and/or off campus.

Past Recipients

Lauren Brown (2022)

Cartie Werthman (2021)

Kamren Gilbard  (2020)

Ashley Bang (2019)

Gianna Jasinski (2018)

Fatima Husain (2017)

Katherine Caroline Sudol (2016)