Emergency Contacts

There is always help available for students' emergencies and urgent or crisis situations, including overnight, on the weekend, and during academic vacations and storm closings.  Brown Public Safety can respond directly or contact a dean or administrator-on-call to respond.  Some resources, such as the Sexual Assault Response Line, are available directly by phone.

Urgent or Crisis Situations During business hours After business hours
Police, fire and medical emergencies (on the Brown campus) (401) 863-4111
(401) 863-4111
Family and student emergencies
(401) 863-3145
Student Support Services
(401) 863-3322
Administrator on Call
Academic emergencies

(401) 863-9800
Dean of the College

(401) 863-2600
Graduate School Deans

Info at ask.brown.edu

Graduate Student Resources

Medical advice

(401) 863-3953
Health Services

For medical questions and nursing advice, call (401) 863-1330 

To find out if Health Services is open, call (401) 863-3953

Psychological emergencies

(401) 863-3476
Counseling and Psychological Services

(401) 863-3476
Phone message will instruct you how to contact the Psychologist-on-call
Sexual Assault Response Line
(401) 863-6000
(401) 863-6000
Information about weather-related or other emergencies on campus Emergency Announcements  emergency.brown.edu Emergency Announcements  emergency.brown.edu