For Faculty & Staff

Helping Students in Distress

  • Are you worried about a Brown student?
  • Do you need consultation about a difficult and urgent situation?
  • Not sure what to do, where to turn, or who can help?

Check out the How to Help a Student in Distress siteIf you are worried about a Brown student, or need assistance or consultation with a difficult and urgent situation, please contact a dean or administrator at the numbers listed below; they will be happy to talk with you.

Deans & Administrators

Please call the deans and administrators who are available to discuss concerns you may have about a student's academic, personal or community life at Brown. 

Academic issues
Undergraduates           Dean of the College   (401) 863-9800
Graduate students       Dean of the Graduate School   (401) 863-2600 
Medical students          Dean of Medicine    (401) 863-3330

Non-academic issues
Student Support Services          (401) 863-3145 daytime
Administrator on Call                (401) 863-3322 emergencies after hours*
Sexual Assault Response Line (401) 863-6000 available 24/7**

  • *For assistance with emergencies at night or on weekends (e.g., a student's immediate safety or threat to others, missing student, death in the family), or during University Breaks, Brown Public Safety can connect you with the Administrator on Call.
  • Support provided for undergraduate, graduate and medical students. 
  • You may talk with -- or send a student to meet with -- deans in the Office of Student Life during daytime work hours.
  • **Available through the sexual assault response line, a sexual assault crisis counselor gives information and support in the immediate aftermath of a sexual assault, and is available to accompany a student to the hospital, as needed.
  • See also Emergency Contacts.