Hazing Prevention Coalition

In an effort to promote social wellbeing and prevent instances of hazing, the University has formed the Hazing Prevention Coalition (HPC) in conjunction with Stop Hazing, an organization based at the University of Maine. Brown is a member of the third cohort of the Hazing Prevention Consortium. Hazing is a threat to the health, safety, mental and physical well-being of individuals both subject to and implementing instances of hazing. It is a practice carried out within tight-knit social circles and usually goes unreported, and so Brown’s HPC aims to prevent these instances through acknowledgement and education. Hazing undermines the values of our community, is a violation of Brown University policy and illegal in the state of Rhode Island. Brown’s HPC has been working since 2019 to develop sustainable plans to prevent hazing and encourage practices that establish connection and belonging. Brown joins the third iteration of this initiative alongside peers Duke University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and more. Our collective goal is to develop sustainable plans to prevent hazing and encourage practices that establish healthy behaviors for social bonding.

Since its inception, the HPC has conducted rigorous assessments including an evaluation of current University practices, focus groups with stakeholders, a risk and protective factor analysis,  and a survey of social behaviors for undergraduate students.

The HPC consists of members from across the University with the goal of reducing hazing and associated high risk behaviors while increasing social wellbeing and pro-health behaviors.


  • Tanya Purdy, Director BWell Health Promotion
  • Joie Steele, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Student Activities

Steering Committee:

  • Alana Sacks, BWell Associate Director for Response Services
  • Yolanda Castillo-Appollonio, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards
  • Takyah Smith, Health Promotion Specialist: Social Wellness Coordinator


  • Sean Thompson, Director of First Year Experience and Houses, Residential Education
  • Lindsay Garcia, Assistant Dean of the College for Junior/Senior Studies & Recovery and Substance-Free Student Initiatives
  • Quiana Young, Manager, Community Relations and Outreach
  • Shoshanna Engel Lewis, Deputy Athletic Director for Governance and Student Services
  • Terrance Sanders, Director of Program and Theme Houses, Residential Education
  • Andrew Heald, Program Director for the Global Brown Center for International Students