Joslin Award Recipients 2008

Hillary Anderson: Brown Lacrosse team (4 years), recipient of the Royce Fellowship, started a new “Market Share Program” at the Brown Farmers’ Market while acting as a facilitator and organizer of the Sustainable Food Initiative, Meiklejohn advisor, volunteer at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School, and Co-Chair of the Faculty-Liaison Program of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Catherine Auriemma: Phi Beta Kappa (secretary), Brown Field Hockey Team (4 years), Meiklejohn advisor, WiSE mentor, volunteer at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School, and National Field Hockey Coaches Association All-Academic Squad.

Darnell Fine: Writing Fellow, Minority Peer Counselor, a Minority Peer Counselor Coordinator, co-programmer for the Black Heritage Series, and a College Guidance Project Advisor through the City Brothers Program.

Seth Izen: founder of the Meditation Community at Brown, student advisor for independent concentrations, Meiklejohn Advisor, Online Media Transfer Counselor for Brown/RISD Hillel, Table Tennis Team, and Director of Media Relations and Webmaster for the Brown University Mediation Project.

Anna Levine: Campus Coordinator for Project HEALTH, Co-Chair of the Orientation Welcoming Committee, member of the Board of Trustees of Brown/RISD Hillel Foundation, and, and participant in the American Jewish World Service Alternative Break.

Yang Long: Minority Peer Counselor, MPC Coordinator, MPC Friend, Asian American Students Association (4 years), steering committee member for Asian/Asian American History Month, Bruin Club (3 years), Providence Science Outreach volunteer, and volunteer in the Rhode Island Hospital Pediatric HIV Clinic.

Cash McCracken: Student Activities Chair of the Undergraduate Council of Students, Chair of the Undergraduate Finance Board, Administrative Chair of the Brown Concert Agency, and head coordinator of the Brown Human Rights Film Festival.

Monica Pelayo: Semana Chicana programmer, Latino Programmer for the Office of Student Life, Community Assistant, ESOL tutor in Olneyville, College Guidance Mentor at Hope High School, and volunteer at Providence Children’s Museum.

Eric Rodriguez: Brown Outdoor Leadership Training program, Brown’s Peer HIV/AIDS & Sex Education program, and volunteer at the Swearer Center for Public Service. Eric served as an Army Reservist in the Iraq War during 2003-3004 and was attached to the 308th Civil Affairs Brigade and the 4th Infantry Division and during which time he was a part of humanitarian missions that the building of schools and clinics, and distributed school supplies.

Stephanie Syc: Co-Chair of the Orientation Welcoming Committee, Meiklejohn advisor, WiSE mentor, Brown Democrats, Varsity Equestrian Team, Brown University Orchestra, and safeWALK.

Hope Turner: coordinator for the Coalition Against Relationship Abuse, Women Students at Brown, programmer for Women’s History Month, Female Sexuality Workshop facilitator, housing coordinator for West House, publicity manager at the Hourglass Café and co-president of Brown’s Oxfam chapter, and facilitated the emergence of the Sustainable Gift Bazaar that is co-sponsored by Sarah Doyle and Oxfam.