Ways to practice self-care when you work from home

When working from home, it's imperative to create boundaries and self-care rituals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
When your living space is also your working space, it's particularly easy to fall into the bad habit of never turning off — and that's not ideal for your mental or physical well-being.
Here are some self-care tips:

·        Set boundaries between your home and your work

·        Stock your fridge with nourishing snacks

·        Work out - even if it's just walking

·        Take a lunch break

·        Create a meaningful morning routine

·        Have a designated workspace

·        Get up and move around when possible

·        Get dressed every morning like you're going to an office

·        Have a solid skincare regimen

·        Set a sleep schedule

·        Meditate

·        Get enough water and fresh air

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