New Residential Area Coordinator Team

Alfred Akuoko-Boateng (he/him/his) -- Keeney 

Alfred has a Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from SUNY Buffalo and also brings experience from his work at Stony Brook University and Quinnipiac University.  In Alfred’s conversations with us he spoke of how he believes in honoring people’s stories in social justice work.  He values being relational in his work, being a difference maker, encouraging student autonomy, and that he sees his role as contributing to raising up student needs and voice. 


Nikki Chapman (she/her/hers) -- Upper Pembroke

Nikki has a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Arizona and comes to us from her professional role at her alma mater.  Nikki has a rigorous investment in social justice work and is passionate about leadership and working with students.  (She also loves dogs and has trained service animals.)  Nikki also shared how she places significant value on building strong community among staff teams.


Mitchell Foster (they/them) -- Lower Pembroke  

Mitchell has a Master’s in Public Administration  w/a Minor in Gender Studies from California State University at Chico.  Mitchell comes to us from their role as a Coordinator for Residence Education at the University of Arkansas and shared that they utilize their Public Administration degree in considering the systems that shape student experience.  They also shared that they are community and relationship focused in their work.  They are student-centered and come to the work with an emphasis on social justice and holistic learning.


Shaquan Harris (he/him/his) -- Wriston  

Shaquan has a Master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University, where he serves as an Assistant Resident Manager.  Shaquan describes himself as social justice centered and attuned to community and belonging.  He said, “ I don’t know if we can call a place a community without belonging.”  Shaquan shared that he is proud of the social justice work that he did with fraternities at his current institution.  He approaches his work from an educational and restorative lens; he sees great value in bringing contemplative practice into his work.


Sandra Johnson (she/her/hers) -- Main  

Sandra  has a Master’s in Higher Education Administration from the University of Miami in Florida and started her career in early childhood education in Miami-Dade Public Schools before shifting her professional focus to higher education.  Sandra has focused her professional efforts in support and advocacy for first-gen students and working with students of color find a sense of belonging at their institutions.  Sandra was also an engaged activist in her undergraduate institution.  She cares deeply about building strong relationships and getting to know people so they can be their most authentic selves.


Isaac Albanese (he/him/his) -- East  

Isaac Albanese has a Master's in Public Administration from the University of Rhode Island and began his career here at Brown. He has been working to re-imagine training and the RPL experience with an emphasis on community building and transformative practice. As a Resident Assistant in undergrad, Isaac was introduced to conversations about systems of privilege and oppression and to the support necessary to recognize his identity as transgender. As an AC, he hopes to cultivate similarly inclusive spaces for students to learn and grow.