Brown Takes Care

We invite Campus Life staff to join the Brown Takes Care initiative and share your stories of community care. Brown Takes Care was created in community with students and staff and calls on each of us to embrace behaviors that support community wellbeing. Those at greater risk for contracting COVID19 and the most vulnerable people in our community need us to support them by following public health guidelines and encouraging others to do the same. Through sharing stories of care we are able to prevent people from distancing themselves from why COVID19 prevention matters.

Here are some of the ways you can engage with Brown Takes Care:

  • “Why I Care” - share messages of prevention, tell your “Why I Care” stories, and how you “Show Care by Doing” (wearing a mask, social distancing, cleaning, contact tracing). Sharing these authentic messages allows the community to make meaning of public health guidelines and recognize the potential impact. 
  • Downloadable Resources - you can access digital tools and resources to share and adapt. Use #BrownTakesCare when posting on social media.  We are putting these resources in your hands because we know you have a message of care that will empower the community. 
  • Be part of an on campus or zoom video interview or photo shoot where you talk about why you wear your mask, who you wear your mask for, or why you practice other primary prevention guidance.  Here are a few video examples and photo examples.

These resources are here for you to use in any way that is authentic to you.  You can engage as an individual, with your department or with your team.  You can include them in your newsletters, on social media, during meetings, and on your websites.

If you have any questions, feedback, ideas, or want to participate in an interview for Brown Takes Care please reach out to Isabella Dueñas.