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The Department of American Studies has three main locations:

  • Administrative and Graduate Studies: Norwood House, 82 Waterman Street
  • Undergraduate Concentrations: Dyer House, 150 Power Street
  • Public Humanities: 357 Benefit Street

Map of American Studies locationsMap of American Studies locations


Mailing Addresses and Contact Information:


American Studies Department 
Norwood House
82 Waterman Street
Brown University Box 1892
Providence, Rhode Island, 02912
Telephone: (401) 863-2896
Fax: (401) 863-1385

Dyer House
150 Power Street
Brown University Box 1886
Providence, RI 02912
Phone 401-863-7034
Fax 401-863-7589

John Nicholas Brown Center 
for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage
Brown University Box 1880
Providence, RI 02912
Phone: 401-863-1177
 Fax: 401-863-7777