Master's Degrees

Brown University PhD students receive a Master of Arts on the way to the PhD. American Studies students choose one of two MA degrees (but may not receive both degrees):

MA in American Studies

Students will receive an MA in American Studies after passing eight courses, usually at the end of Year 1. In anticipation of good progress toward the degree, students should file petitions with the Graduate School in March in expectation of completing eight courses in Year 1. Those who don't complete eight courses in the first year, may petition in March of Year 2 to receive their MA at the end of Year 2.

MA in Public Humanities

Some students seek the M.A. in Public Humanities. These students must complete the following requirements:

  • AMCV2650 Introduction to Public Humanities (taken as one of the eight seminars)
  • AMCV1550 Methods in Public Humanities (if taken in Year 1, substitutes for one of the advising independent study courses; if taken in Year 2, substitutes for a reading course)
  • Practicum (taken in the summer after Year 1 in consultation with the Public Humanities program)
  • One or more Preliminary Exam fields must substantively treat public humanities

Students will petition the Graduate School in March of Year 2 for the M.A. in Public Humanities.