Avera, Emily

Name: Avera, Emily

Area of interest: My current research focuses on transfusion and transplant medicine, and in particular blood safety (hemovigilance) and blood/bone marrow stem cell donor recruitment in South Africa. More broadly, I am interested in how immunology and biological citizenship are linked with race and ethnicity and conceptualizations of self/non-self. This also enrolls a concern with global health inequalities and access to emergent medical technologies. In addition to interests in development and medical anthropology, my work also draws on intersections with linguistic anthropology and  science and technology studies.

Keywords: medical anthropology, transplants, science and technology studies, South Africa

:  In the  field

Previous Degrees: MA, Anthropology, Brown University, 2015; MA, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University, 2010; MPhil Diversity Studies, University of Cape Town, 2008; BA Politics, Pomona College, 2005

Contact Information: [email protected]