Concentration Requirements

Concentrators should select their courses in Anthropology in consultation with the Undergraduate Concentration Advisor. At least nine courses in anthropology are required, including:

  1. One of the following classes designed to introduce students to the guiding ideas of sociocultural or linguistic anthropology:

  2. One of the following classes designed to introduce students to the guiding ideas of archaeology or biological anthropology:

    • Human Evolution (ANTH0310)
    • Past Forward: Discovering Anthropological Archaeology (ANTH0500)
  3. One of the following classes, normally taken in junior or sophomore year, intended to provide students with an advanced understanding of the history of the discipline or one of the methods used by anthropological researchers:

  4. At least one 1000-level course on a particular world area aimed at raising students’ awareness of the larger world beyond Brown

  5. Senior Seminar, Contemporary Topics in Anthropology (ANTH1910), normally taken in senior year, designed to provide students with a capstone experience that deepens their connection to the discipline and encourages reflection on the experience in relation to overall learning goals.

At least five of the nine courses counted toward the concentration must be 1000-level. Seniors may be allowed to enroll in graduate seminars (2000-level courses) with the permission of the instructor. Students also have the opportunity to work independently for concentration credit by taking an independent reading and research course in anthropology (ANTH1970). Independent reading and research courses can be taken a maximum of two times.  A list of Anthropology courses offered this academic year can be found here.

Graffiti by artist Banksy, West Bank, PalestineGraffiti by artist Banksy, West Bank, Palestine