Cormier McSwiggin, Chelsea

Name: Cormier McSwiggin, Chelsea

Area of interest: My dissertation research aims to explore the intersection of HIV, transnational kinship networks, and US race relations among the Haitian diaspora in Miami, Florida. More specifically, in conversation with scholarship on medicalized governmentality and the creation of new politicized biologies engendered through the clinical encounter, I seek to trace how ideologies, knowledge, and subjectivities of self-regulation become disseminated in the population more broadly. Moreover, I ask in what ways these novel ways of biomedical being shape and are shaped by intimate realms of sociality and relatedness outside of the clinical encounter, and with what – sometimes surprising and novel – consequences.

Keywords: medical anthropology, HIV/AIDS, migration/transnationalism studies, Haitian Diaspora, kinship studies

Status: Pre-field

Previous Degrees: B.A. Gender Studies, University of California, San Diego; M.P.H. Behavioral Sciences and Preventive Education, San Diego State University; M.A. Anthropology, Brown University

Contact Information: [email protected]