Hefny, Sara


Name:  Hefny, Sara M.

Areas of Interest: My current project follows the selection and resettlement process of Syrian refugees who have been chosen to take part in a humanitarian corridor between Lebanese refugee camps and Italy, which is organized and run by a group of Italian ecumenical organizations. I am primarily interested in the role of non-state actors in humanitarian projects and refugee social services in the contemporary climate of globalization and privatization. In my past research, I used food and language as lenses to examine the politics of integration among Arab immigrants in London, UK. I value mixed-methods approaches to research, using ethnography, geographic information systems (GIS), and surveys to achieve multi-level understandings and to speak to scholars across the social sciences.

Key Words: migration, Mediterranean, asylum, humanitarianism, refugees, political/legal anthropology, integration and assimilation, culinary heritage

Status:  In the field 

Previous Degrees:  A.M. Anthropology, Brown University (2016); B.A. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Washington (2012) 

Contact information: [email protected]