Graduate Students


Agostini, Mark
Southwest archaeology, Ancestral Pueblo, ceramic analysis, social reorganization, historic pueblos, technological knowledge

Alcover, Omar
Maya archaeology, Preclassic Maya, Warfare, Epigraphy, Settlement, Landscape Studies, GIS

Arey, Whitney
Medical Anthropology, abortion access, reproductive politics, southern United States, feminist anthropology

Avera, Emily
transfusion and transplant medicine, science and technology studies, global health, language and medicine

Bastani, Parsa
addiction, drugs, Iran, medical anthropology, public health

Berhane, Fiori
Humanitarian relief, diaspora, transnationalism, political belonging, refugees  

Cai, Yifeng 
biopolitics; gender/sexuality; sex work; queer studies; body; power; inequality; violence; HIV/AIDS; post-socialism; China 

Deal, Lauren E.
Linguistic Anthropology, Argentina and the Andes, Music and Sound, Whiteness, Indigenity, Race, Appropriation

Dewan, Eve Harene
Historical archaeology, Indigenous archaeology, colonialism, institutions, schools, discipline, gender, labor, children and childhood, frontiers and borderlands, landscape, GIS

Firoz, Malay
Humanitarianism, refugees, war, sovereignty, global governance, empire, political theory, Middle East 

Hefny, Sara
Middle East, migration, Europe, asylum, anthropology of the state, integration and assimilation, food and foodways, gastronomic identity, cultural heritage

Hernandez, Fabiola 
medical anthropology, gender, power, citizenship, Latin America, Peru

Horton, Brian A.
queer theory/queer anthropology, sub/counter culture, agonistics, kinship and intimacy, India

Katzenstein, Jessica
Police, security, the military, anthropology of the state, violence, technology, race, gender; United States

Kearin, Madeline
Historical archaeology, religion, identity, US

Kelada, Mariz
Research project focuses on potentialities of resistance in the lives of precarious laborers in the Egyptian cinema industry

Larotonda, Alice
Medical anthropology; kinship; gender; breastfeeding; breastmilk banking; reproduction; reproductive health; development; citizenship; common good; Cabo Verde; Black Lusophone Atlantic.

Lewis, Kimberly J.
higher education; political anthropology; race, ethnicity and indigeneity; Ecuador, the Andes

Markovitz, Bryan
Museums and material culture, archaeology of performance, experimental cultures in science and art, Peircian semiotics, geohumanities and GIS.

Marshall, Hannah
Human trafficking; crime and legal anthropology; security; gender; international law enforcement; policing; violence

Matsumoto, Mallory
Maya archaeology, epigraphy, and linguistics; language and material culture; ideology and power; speech/script communities and identity; scribal practice; comparative study of writing systems

McKelvey, Patrick
Performance studies; medical anthropology; anthropology of disability; anthropology of work; affective labor; neoliberal critique

Mellett, Erin 
Deaf community, Medical Anthropology, Immigration, Linguistic Anthropology, Disability Studies

Moorefield, Bryan
Americas; Mexico and southern United States; "Guestworkers” and farmworkers; transnational labor, migration, and kinship

Nelson, Jessica
Historical archaeology, New Netherland, New York

Parikh, Anar
Cultural heritage, urban anthropology, India/South Asia

Peck, Alexandra
Coast Salish and Wakashan Art Forms, Museology and Repatriation Studies (specifically NAGPRA), Archaeological Ethics, Native Anthropology and "Reverse" Fieldwork, Post-Structuralism and Structuration Theory

Roche Recinos, Alejandra
Archaeology, Mesoamerica, Lithic, Lithic Technology, Economy, Production, Exchange

Schnell, Joshua 
Maya archaeology, bioarchaeology, and mortuary archaeology, ritual and religion, stress and crisis, osteology, sociopolitical organization, death and society, body and space concepts, spatial analysis

Sen, Sertac
the military, civil-military relations, anthropology of the state, museum studies, urban anthropology, infrastructure

Shim, Yoon Kyung
Indigenous archaeology, Asian-American archaeology, spaces of confinement, construction of historical narratives

Sulaiman, Samee 
Middle East, Islam, disability, HIV, sovereignty, spectacle, medical anthropology,  post-colonial thought, settler colonialism, secularism, liberalism

Sun, Yuezhu 
Family, aging, urban China

Thompson, Katherine 
linguistic anthropology, language ideology, urban anthropology, hip hop studies, youth, poetics, higher education, anthropology of the state

Wright, Andrea
migration, affective labor, gender, development, India

Miguel Aleman reservoir, with the Sierra Mazateca in the background, northern Oaxaca, Mexico, 2004Miguel Aleman reservoir, with the Sierra Mazateca in the background, northern Oaxaca, Mexico, 2004

American historical archaeology; maritime societies; labor, gender and household practice; material culture; public history and museums