Mellett, Erin

Mellett, ErinMellett, Erin







Areas of Interest:  My research examines the Deaf community, with a particular focus on deaf immigrants in the United States.  This work sits at the intersection of a number of fields including medical anthropology, Deaf studies, disability studies, linguistic anthropology, and immigration studies.  Specifically, I seek to explore the ways in which deaf immigrants--who inhabit the targeted roles of both immigrant and "disabled"--become doubly vulnerable to the macrosocial factors that shape suffering, paying particular attention to issues of healthcare access, mental health, and technology (hearing assistive devices).  I also intend to examine the ways in which kinship is negotiated within immigrant families with a deaf member.  Furthermore, I am interested in issues of language.  In particular, the ways in which multiple signed and spoken languages interact and are negotiated, and the ways in which deafness further compounds existing language barriers that hearing immigrants face.   

Keywords:  Deaf community, Medical Anthropology, Immigration, Linguistic Anthropology, Disability Studies

Status:   Second year

Previous Degrees:  B.A. Anthropology, Elon University (2013); M.S. Medical Anthropology, Boston University School of Medicine (2016)

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