Specialized Ph.D. Tracks

Anthropology and Population

Anthropology and Population is a special track in Brown University's Ph.D. program in anthropology. Candidates file a regular application for admission with Anthropology with the Graduate School, but indicate in their essay their interest in this program. Students must fulfill all of the requirements for doctoral program in anthropology, but also must fulfill additional requirements. They must take the following required courses: Anthropological Demography (ANTH 2300), Methods in Anthropological Research (ANTH 2020), and Principles of Population (SOC 2080). They are also required to take one population-related course in another department. 

They choose a topic within Anthropological Demography as one of their preliminary examination topics, participate in the activities of the Working Group in Anthropology and Population and attend the regular colloquia of the Population Studies and Training Center (PSTC).  PSTC also has a set of requirements trainees must meet - please see http://www.brown.edu/academics/population-studies/graduate/requirements for more information.  Special fellowships are available to students in this program. For more information about Anthropology and Population at Brown visit PSTC.

Graduate Program in Development

The Graduate Program in Development (GPD) is an interdisciplinary initiative sponsored by Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies and supported by an IGERT (Integrated Graduate Education Research and Training) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). It supports training and research for PhD candidates in Anthropology as well as other disciplines (Economics, Political Science, and Sociology). GPD seeks to promote social science research on processes of social, political and economic transformation in the developing world with a special focus on the persistent problem of inequality. Inequalities of well-being and opportunity represent the most difficult and persistent obstacles to promoting equitable, democratic and sustainable development. As the problems of development and inequality become ever more complex and global, GPD aims to provide graduate students with the interdisciplinary skills necessary for innovative research. The program offers specialized courses, funds field-based research, provides fellowships, hosts visiting faculty, and promotes collaborative research initiatives with partner institutions in the global south. The program builds on a core group of faculty internationally renowned for their research and scholarship in the area of development and inequality. Program activities are open to all PhD students at Brown.  All trainees and fellows are eligible for summer fieldwork research grants. For more information on the program visit the GPD site at the Watson Institute.