The Division of Applied Mathematics


The mission of the Division of Applied Mathematics rests on research, education, and scholarship. We focus our research and teaching on a wide range of areas from applied and algorithmic problems to the study of fundamental mathematical questions. In particular, we explore the connections between mathematics and its applications in biology, chemistry, engineering, geosciences, neuroscience, physics and other disciplines at the research and educational levels. Our educational efforts are realized primarily through our graduate PhD program and our four undergraduate concentrations.   

Professor Hongjie Dong receives Simons Fellowship 

Professor Hongjie Dong receives the 2021 Simons Fellowship in Mathematics.  The Simons Foundation and the Division of Applied Mathematics congratulates the outstanding research work of Professor Dong.  al physicists who have been awarded Simons Fellowships in 2021. This program serves to extend academic leaves from one term to a full year.  This will enable the recipients to give more focus on their research for a longer period which is often necessary for greater advances in research.  

Professor George Karniadakis receives the SIAM/ACM Prize

The Division of Applied Mathematics congratulates Professor George Karniadakis who will receive the 2021 SIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering.  This award by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions to the development and use of mathematical and computational tools and methods for the solution of science and engineering problems. 

Professor Chi-Wang Shu was awarded the 2021 John von Neumann Prize

Professor Chi-Wang Shu was awarded the 2021 John von Neumann Prize and will deliver the 2021 John von Neumann Lecture at the 2021 SIAM Annual Meeting (AN21) scheduled for July 19-23, 2021, in Spokane, Washington.  SIAM awards the John von Neumann Prize every year to an individual for outstanding and distinguished contributions to the field of applied mathematics and for the effective communication of these ideas to the community. It is one of SIAM's most distinguished prizes as well as an important lecture at the SIAM Annual Meeting.  Chi-Wang Shu was awarded this prize to recognize his fundamental contributions to the numerical solution of partial differential equations.  His work on finite difference essentially non-oscillatory (ENO) methods, weighted ENO (WENO) methods, finite element discontinuous Galerkin methods, and spectral methods has had a major impact on scientific computing.

Associate Professor Caroline Klivans has been featured on "Top Influential Mathematicians Today"

Associate Professor Caroline Klivans was featured on "Top Influential Mathematicians Today" along with 25 influential mathematicians for her contributions to chip-firing games and sandpile models.  Chip-firing games are an important method in developing and understanding the properties of finite structures, which have implications for fields beyond mathematics.  Professor Klivans is seen as the leading authority on the subject.  

"The Mathematical Investigations of Dr. O and Arya"

A recent graduate (2020) from the Division of Applied Mathematics, Arya Okten, published a math book with her father entitled, "The Mathematical Investigations of Dr. O and Arya."  It is aimed at students between the ages of 9-14, that will be launched on December 1st.  The book is focussed on making advanced mathematical topics accessible and enjoyable to children. The book uses a combination of games, and history to explain topics from number theory to probability.  The book is available for pre-order now and officially launches on December 1st. Here are the links to the publisher's page for the book, and the Amazon page.  

Largest NSF grant in university history

The National Science Foundation has awarded the largest grant in university history to renew ICERM, Brown's math institute.  ICERM's unique mission is to bring about new technologies in the realm of computation and experimentation into pure and applied mathematics.  The institute brings together renowned mathematicians and researchers, as well as students, from around the world.  (Read more