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Brown Chapter of the Association of the Women in Mathematics

Brown Chapter of the Association of Women in Mathematics

The Association of Women in Mathematics Chapter at the Division of Applied Mathematics was founded in the Fall of 2013.  The association's mission seeks to encourage woman to develop their mathematical talent, and to attain their potential in their academic and intellectual pursuits in the mathematical sciences.  Founded in 1971, the AWM continues to burgeon, offering an essential forum to the rising number of young women interested in pursuing graduate studies in the mathematical sciences.  

An important goal of Brown's Chapter of AWM is fulfilled through sponsoring special events and workshops.  These events provide an excellent opportunity to gather women from divergent mathematical backgrounds, so that they can offer inpiration and support to one another toward shared academic and career goals.  To learn more about this Association, the American Mathematical Society published an interesting article entitled, "The AWM in the 1990's:  A Recent History of the Association for Women in Mathematics," by Jean E. Taylor and Sylvia M. Wiegand.

The Brown Chapter of the AWM meets every Monday at 4:45 in Room 118, 170 Hope Street.  Our contact email is [email protected].  If you wish to join the AWM, you may through visiting their website, free of charge. 

Undergrad President

Mira Gordin

Graduate President

Emily Winn

Undergraduate Vice-President      

Isbella Chan


Rebecca Durst


Emma Dennis-Knieriem|
Erika Bussmann

Faculty Advisor  

Kavita Ramanan

Email Address

[email protected]

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