Summer Courses 2019

Summer Courses 2019

Applied Ordinary Differential Equations

Summer 2019, APMA 0350

Instructor Name Gabriel Provencher Langlois / CRN: 60014

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to ordinary differential equations and their applications. During the course, we will see how applied mathematicians use ordinary differential equations to solve practical applications, from understanding the underlying problem, creating a differential-equations model, solving the model using analytical, numerical, or qualitative methods, and interpreting the findings in terms of the original problem. We will also learn about the underlying rigorous theoretical foundations of differential equations. Format: lectures and problem-solving workshops. Prerequisites: MATH 0100, MATH 0170, MATH 0180, MATH 0190, MATH 0200, MATH 0350 or advanced placement. MATH 0520 (can be taken concurrently).

Location:  Room 108, 170 Hope Street

Applied Partial Differential Equations I

Summer 2019  APMA 0360

Instructor Name Ross Parker / CRN: 60061

Course Description

This course builds on APMA 0350 which covers ordinary differential equations and systems involving a single independent variable. We will look at processes with two or more independent variables formulated as partial differential equations (PDE) using concepts from multivariable calculus. We will see how problems are described quantitatively as PDEs, how seemingly unrelated contexts can result in similar equations; and develop methods for solution using analytical, numerical or qualitative methods. Contexts include first order equations; the second order wave equation and problems involving diffusion processes; steady state balances for systems in two or three dimensions; together with insights from theory.  

Location:  Kassar 205