Matt Harrison

Matt Harrison




Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Room 327, 182 George Street
Office: 401-863-1834
Fax: 401-863-1355
[email protected]

Ph.D., Brown University, 2005 

Research Interests

Conditional inference
Robust inference
Statistical methods in neuroscience
Random graphs and tables
Nonstationary time series
Bayesian nonparametrics
Multiple hypothesis testing
Importance sampling
Perceptual organization

Selected Publications

J Miller, M Harrison (to appear) Inconsistency of Pitman-Yor process mixtures for the number of components. Journal of Machine Learning Research.

M Harrison, A Amarasingham, W Truccolo (to appear) Spatio-temporal conditional inference and hypothesis tests for neural ensemble spiking precision. Neural Computation.

W Truccolo, O Ahmed, M Harrison, E Eskandar, R Cosgrove, J Madsen, A Blum, NS Potter, L Hochberg, S Cash (to appear) Neuronal ensemble synchrony during human focal seizures. Journal of Neuroscience. 

M Homer, J Perge, M Black, M Harrison, S Cash, L Hochberg (2014) Adaptive offset correction for intracortical brain computer interfaces. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 22: 239-248.

J Miller, M Harrison (2013) A simple example of Dirichlet process mixture inconsistency for the number of components. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 26.

J Miller, M Harrison (2013) Exact sampling and counting for fixed-margin matrices. Annals of Statistics, 41: 1569-1592.

M Harrison (2013) Accelerated spike resampling for accurate multiple testing controls. Neural Computation, 25: 418-449.

M Harrison (2012) Conservative hypothesis tests and confidence intervals using importance sampling. Biometrika, 99: 57-69.

A Amarasingham, M Harrison, N Hatsopoulos, S Geman (2012) Conditional modeling and the jitter method of spike re-sampling. Journal of Neurophysiology, 107: 517-531.

M Harrison, S Geman (2009) A rate and history-preserving resampling algorithm for neural spike trains. Neural Computation, 21: 1244-1258.

S Fujisawa, A Amarasingham, M Harrison, G Buzsaki (2008) Behavior-dependent short-term assembly dynamics in the medial prefrontal cortex. Nature Neuroscience, 11: 823-833.

M Harrison, I Kontoyiannis (2008) Estimation of the rate-distortion function. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 54: 3757-3762.

M Harrison (2008) The generalized asymptotic equipartition property: Necessary and sufficient conditions. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 54: 3211-3216.

A Amarasingham, TL Chen, S Geman, M Harrison, D Sheinberg (2006) Spike count reliability and the Poisson hypothesis. Journal of Neuroscience, 26(3): 801-809.


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