History of Art and Architecture

Welcome to the department of the History of Art and Architecture at Brown University

The Department of the History of Art and Architecture at Brown University grants undergraduate degrees in the History of Art and Architecture, as well as in Architectural Studies.  Graduate study in this department is geared toward earning a PhD in the History of Art and Architecture, and many areas of visual culture from the ancient world through the present. Work in the department of the History of Art and Architecture at Brown is conceived as an interdisciplinary undertaking, in which students are encouraged to become familiar with the variety of methodologies and practices that have historically been, and continue to be productive in our fields. We also maintain a longstanding commitment to museum studies and the study of objects through a close working relationship with the Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design.  Interested students in this department have the opportunity to hold internships and (in the case of graduate students) proctorships at the museum.



There are many ways for friends and alumni to support the department of History of Art and Architecture.  The department is fortunate to have several donors and dedicated funds that support the work of its faculty and students. 

Commemorative Funds
Two funds have been set up in memory of our faculty members:

 The Kermit S. Champa Award commemorates Prof. Champa who taught in the department from 1969 to 2004.  The award is given every year in the spirit of encouraging aesthetic and intellectual exploration.  It is meant to help graduate students at the beginning of their careers travel to see art and architecture they would not otherwise directly experience before undertaking focused dissertations.

The Rebecca Molholt Vanel Flexible Fund honors the memory of Professor Molholt Vanel who taught in the department from 2008 to 2014.  It commemorates her deep interest in travel and museum experience.  The Fund supports both undergraduate and graduate student travel to conduct research in the history of art and architectureat archaeological sites, archives, collection and allows undergraduate and graduate students to participate in curatorial, conservation, and exhibition projects of long or short duration at the Rhode IslandSchool of Design Museum, the boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Worcester Art Museum, or other museums.

The Art Special Fund    A gift fund used for department support

To contribute to these funds, or to establish a new fund, please contact the chair, Prof. Sheila Bonde (Sheila_Bonde@brown.edu) or Ms. Shelley Roth in Advancement (Shelly_Roth@brown.edu)