Completing the PhD and Finding a Job

The ultimate goal of the PhD program, of course, is to complete it and to find employment. You should be in close touch with the DGS and your advisor in the year you expect to complete. The deadline for submission of the dissertation for May Commencement is in late January for semester I or early May for semester II (consult the Graduate School website for yearly specific dates). However, you should not wait until the deadline to alert your readers that the final version is coming. Allow time for last minute corrections.

The Graduate School has strict regulations for the format and submission of the dissertation. All of these regulations are available on the Graduate School website. Note that you must supply the Department with a copy of your dissertation for its archives, in addition to those you supply to the Graduate School.

Two months before the expected final submission for dissertation, a meeting with the dissertation committee may be scheduled in order to discuss the final version, and to make recommendations for future publication. It is useful to have in progress, if not in print, an article presenting the results of the dissertation for the scholarly community. This work can for the basis for a job talk.

Employment opportunities in academia and the museum world are published in the CAA Job Bulletin published six times a year, in The Chronicle of Higher Education, and The Society for Architectural Historians Newsletter. (There are also online job listing services run by these organizations. See the “Resources” section of Department website for relevant links.) Job applicants must send a letter of interest, a current CV, and names of references. Short-listed applicants are often invited to an interview at the annual CAA conference, and if successful, to an on-campus interview. Mock interviews with Department faculty may be arranged.

The Department has had a successful track record in placing graduates of its PhD program. Over the past seven years, students have secured tenure-track academic positions at Cornell University, Framingham State College, National Taiwan University, Rice University, Rutgers University, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Texas, Arlington, Trinity College, Tufts University, and Union College. Curatorial positions have been secured at The American Bible Society Gallery, The Cincinnati Art Museum, The National Gallery of Art, The Rhode Island School of Design Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Wesleyan University. Students have also held postdoctoral fellowships at Columbia University and the National Gallery of Art.