News Archive from February, 2019

Sensescapes of the Topkapı Palace in Ottoman Istanbul

Nina Macaraig, Koç University, Istanbul, will present her talk on Ottoman sensescapes in the Topkapı Palace where Qur’anic recitation, perfuming and aromatics constitute important aspects of Islamic material culture.  

The lecture takes place Thursday, March 14 at 5:30 pm in List Art Building, room 110.

Professor Neumann Named 2019 Fellow

The Society of Architectural Historians announced that Professor Dietrich Neumann will be named a 2019 class of SAH Fellows. On Thursday, April 25, Professor Neumann and Dolores Hayden, David Van Zanten and Richard Guy Wilson will be inducted as Fellows of the Society of Architectural Historians during the SAH 72nd Annual International Conference awards ceremony in Providence, Rhode Island. SAH Fellows are individuals who have distinguished themselves by a lifetime of significant contributions to the field of architectural history, such as scholarship, service to SAH or stewardship of the built environment.

Annual Anita Glass Memorial Lecture

The 2019 Anita Glass Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Professor Jonathan Hay (New York University/IFA). His lecture is titled, A Visuality of Noise: Paintings by the Ming Dynasty Artist, Xu Wei (1521-1593). Hay’s research takes “painting out of its usual artificial isolation in modern scholarship from other artistic practices and the visual environment” in the belief  “that a healthy future for the discipline will require a shift toward active dialogue with contemporary scientific thinking and with the conceptual heritages of non-Western traditions.” This event is free and open to the public. A reception to follow.