The Division of Biology and Medicine, in keeping with Brown University’s mission, recognizes, supports, develops, and maintains a diverse faculty, workforce, and student population. Dimensions of diversity include, but are not limited to, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, and socioeconomic and geographic background. Our commitment ensures respect for diversity, broad representation at all levels, and consistency and compliance with Brown’s policies on non-discrimination.

Multicultural perspectives are critical to the success of the Division by enriching educational understanding, fostering outreach in clinical care settings, and enhancing trust in research. Diversity among faculty, staff, and students creates a greater number of role models, broadens perspectives, and combats negative and inappropriate stereotyping. Institutional diversity improves outreach to the community, enhances trust and communication, and facilitates development of culturally appropriate clinical and research programs.

The Division of Biology and Medicine strives to create and maintain an environment that welcomes and respects individuals with diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans

Pathways to Diversity and InclusionIn early 2016, Brown released an action plan, Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion, which lays out specific steps and charged each school and administrative department to write its own Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. 

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