Chemical Biology

1230 [CRN: 14832]

This course covers topics at the interface of chemistry and biology and, specifically, the use of chemical tools to probe biological systems. Using examples from the recent literature, we will discuss using the central methods of chemistry, namely the ability to design and synthesize compounds with a particular set of properties, to analyze biological problems. Specific topics include molecular recognition of DNA, artificial enzymes, small molecule sensors, and in vivo imaging of proteins, nucleic acids, and cell-surface carbohydrates. Prerequisites: CHEM 0350,CHEM 0360, and BIOL 0280. If enrollment exceeds the limit, permission to enroll will be allotted in the order: 1) first year graduate students, 2) senior concentrators in Chemistry or Biochemistry 3) junior concentrators 4) other students. Students who have registered or have permission to enroll must attend the first three classes or risk losing their places to someone on the waiting list.
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