This award which is sponsored by the ACS Division of Physical Chemistry recognizes outstanding accomplishments in fundamental or applied spectroscopy in chemistry.  Professor Wang will deliver the award address at the spring awards symposium of the ACS Division of Physical Chemistry.

More about the award can be found on  the ACS website , E. Bright Wilson Award in Spectroscopy page.

Prof Brenda Rubenstein wins one of the 42 Young Investigator Research (YIP) awards from the Air Force Research Laboratory.  Read more about the program and the award here.

Prof. Lai-Sheng Wang, along with researchers at Brown University and Tsinghua University discover new boron-lanthanide nanostructure

With research set to resume June 2, 2020, the Department of Chemistry has implemented new procedures regarding entering and exiting of MacMillan and the GeoChem buildings, as well as revised lab research guidelines. 

A link to the building guidelines can be found here.