Prof. Koski receives NSF CAREER Award

We are pleased to announce that Prof. K. J. Koski has received a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation Division of Materials Research to study phononic properties of two-dimensional (2D) chalcogenide (S, Se, Te) and oxide materials. Brillouin laser light scattering will be used to map acoustic phonon dispersion relations of novel 2D materials synthesized by the Koski group. Novel intercalation chemistries will be introduced toward systematically controlling the interlayer phonon behavior by chemically modulating the layer-to-layer coupling. Defects (voids, vacancies, and grain boundaries) will be engineered into 2D materials using chemical methods for investigating their impact on fundamental phonon behavior. This work will provide a foundation for more complete understanding and chemical control of phonons in 2D chalcogenide and oxide materials and will guide understanding of mechanical behavior, heat transport and device failure in future applications of 2D materials. 

Congratulations Prof. Koski!