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Diebold Lab Featured in RSC ChemistryWorld, News from Brown: "Record-breaking" Laser Technique

July 5, 2017

Research summarized in a publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from the lab of Prof. Gerald Diebold, along with scientists from State Key Laboratories of Crystal Materials at Shandong University (China), has been highlighted in RSC ChemistryWorld as "record-breaking." The researchers have developed an innovative laser technique able to detect gases at the parts-per-quadrillion level, advancing our ability to determine trace concentrations of environmental pollutants.

Authors from the Diebold Lab include Dr. Lian Xiong, Visiting Scientist and Brown Chemistry alumnus and Wenyu Bai, a PhD candidate in Chemistry. The Diebold Lab is a physical chemistry laboratory at Brown, which focuses on applying the photoacoustic effect to address needs in areas including medicine and the environment.

Read the News from Brown article, ChemistryWorld article, and publication in PNAS.