Sun and Seto Lab JACS Article Featured in C&E News, News from Brown

Research between the labs of Profs. Shouheng Sun and Christopher Seto in the Department of Chemistry has been featured in Chemical & Engineering News (1), a publication by the American Chemical Society, as well as News from Brown. The authors report growth of catalytically active nanoparticles with implications in green organic synthesis. The article, which appears in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, indicates "Our studies demonstrate a new catalyst design to achieve a green chemistry approach to one-pot reactions for the syntheses of benzoxazoles and quinazolines."

The Seto Lab is an organic chemistry laboratory focusing on synthetic organic chemistry, chemical probes, and asymetric catalysis. The Sun Lab is a nano/materials chemistry laboratory with emphasis on characterization and synthesis of nanoparticles for applications in medicine and the environment.

(1) Requires ACS ID to view full article.