Nano and Materials Chemistry

Nano and Materials Chemistry are actively pursued by the Department of Chemistry. The potential applications of nanoparticles are enormous, and include magnetic data storage (computers), exchange-spring magnets (tiny motors), photonics, separations, DNA detection, drug delivery, medical imaging and magnetic cancer therapy.


Amit Basu

Glycobiology, polymers, green chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, interfacial recognition, nanomaterials

Vicki L. Colvin

Nanomaterials synthesis, magnetic materials, environmental fate and transport of colloids, biologically compatible nanomaterials, magnetic and electrical imaging in complex environments.

Ou Chen

Quantum dots, multifunctional nanomaterials, hybrid nano-structures, and nanotechnology for energy and bio-imaging

Shouheng Sun

Nanomaterials synthesis, self-assembly, nanomedicine, catalysis and energy storage

Lai-Sheng Wang

Nanoclusters, chemical structures and bonding, catalysis, cluster-assembled nanomaterials, multiply charged anions, electrospray ionization and solution chemistry in the gas phase, photodetachment, photoelectron spectroscopy and imaging

Matthew B. Zimmt

Nanoscience, self-assembly, scanning microscopies, organic synthesis