STEM Day 2018

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The 2018 STEM Day will be hosted by the Department of Chemistry. High school students and STEM teachers from local schools will be invited to visit Brown and participate in fun, interactive workshops and learn about studying STEM, career prospects, and college access. Facilitated by faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students, high school students and teachers will work together to do science, come to a greater understanding of the importance of STEM in today’s world, and see the resources available for pursuing a career in STEM. STEM Day was piloted in 2017 with 30 students from the 360 High School in Providence.

Rough Draft Schedule

8:45am – 9:00am    Transportation from Schools
9:00am – 9:10am    Introduction & Welcome 
9:15am – 9:45am     Undergraduate Panel 
9:50am – 11:00am   Breakout Sessions 
11:00am – 11:30am  College Access & Success + Lunch

Undergraduate Panel
What exactly are “STEM fields?” How do students know which concentrations to pick from? What careers are students preparing for? Hear from a group of students concentrating in STEM at Brown! Ask questions about research, college courses, prospective career paths, and campus life. Students will represent various courses of study in STEM.

Breakout Sessions
Sessions will be led by faculty and students to cover a broad range of topics.  In 2017, students toured the Humans2Robots lab in Computer Science, tried liquid nitrogen ice cream, and made goofy putty to challenge the idea of three exact states of matter. 

College Access & Success
This will be presentation and discussion on preparing for college and various resources available for accessing and succeeding in college. Presentation leaders will be from our College Advising Corps program and facilitated by undergraduates and a representative from the First-Generation Student Center at Brown.

Interested in Volunteering?
Undergraduates, grad students, and postdocs interested in volunteering may take on various roles. Learn more and sign up using the Volunteer Interest Form!