Financing Your Education

Financing your Education

Business programs are costly not only in terms of tuition and living expenses, but also in terms of foregone earning and promotion opportunities. Be well aware of the opportunity costs you will incur and plan your business education and longer-term career goals strategically. Your decision to pursue an MBA or another type of business degree is one that you should take with specific career objectives in mind. Different types of business programs cost differently, partly because of their varied length of study, partly based on the breadth of educational and experiential opportunities at the individual program. MBA programs tend to be most costly; briefer business Master programs, less so. Business PhDs, like other doctoral programs, typically provide omprehensive financial support. Some business schools have limited scholarship funding to supplement financial aid packages, but most business students pay for their degrees personally through student loans, savings, or a combination of both. It is also important to explore funding opportunities from external fellowships. Some helpful resources are listed below.