The Curricular Resource Center for Peer Advising (CRC) is where student advisors help their peers engage with the Open Curriculum and effectively utilize Brown's academic resources.

Our collective goal is to help students feel a sense of agency in making decisions and see the realm of possibilities for their college experience.

Established in 1976 to support the fullest use of the New Curriculum, the CRC with its Director, student advisors, and volunteers coordinate information sessions, community-building events, and individual meetings for advising about navigating and accessing the Open Curriculum, finding and fostering academic communities, and seeing pathways for deep engagement with the learning process and high-impact learning opportunities.

The CRC staff collaborates with various groups, centers, and educators to provide the best possible advice about the wealth of academic resources at Brown and beyond. The CRC is part of the division of The College.

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News Flash: 

Stay tuned for our drop-in hours schedule during the Summer '21 term.

Interested in dropping in to talk with a CRC student coordinator/peer advisor? CRC Coordinators advise on their program area, on the other CRC programs, and about other general advising topics, too.

Use this Zoom Link [https://brown.zoom.us/j/91364907949to meet with us during the hours listed below.

Mon. 5/3

Tues. 5/4

Wed. 5/5

Thurs. 5/6

Fri. 5/7


Gemma: appt slots

Gemma: appt slots

Gemma: appt slots

Gemma: appt slots

Gemma: appt slots



Cristian: 12-3:00 Cristian: 12-3:00

Cristian: 12-3:00 Cristian: 12-3:00







If you have a specific question, you can email | visit:

CRC (general inquiries): [email protected] | http://brown.edu/go/crc 

DUGs: [email protected] | http://brown.edu/go/dug

(G)ISPs/AIs: [email protected] (IS) | http://brown.edu/go/is

ICs: [email protected] | http://brown.edu/go/ic

Leavetaking: [email protected] (LT) | http://brown.edu/go/leavetaking

MAPS: [email protected] | http://brown.edu/go/maps/crc

CRC Director: [email protected] | http://brown.edu/go/peggychangappointment (appointment calendar)

CRC Assistant Director: [email protected] | appointment slots calendar

Academic Advising Deans: Email [email protected] or visit this site for remote advising hours.