Independent Concentrations


If you're interested in an Independent Concentration, this is a good place to learn more. Use the links on the left to explore what an IC is, how to create, how the approval process works, and who the current ICers are.

IC Coordinators are here to help you at each stage of the process. Whether you're deciding whether an IC is a good fit for you or preparing to submit your application, we're here for you! 

Summer advising: Ann (one of the IC co-coordinators) is advising through at least mid-June. Email her at [email protected] to find a time to talk, then join her at this Zoom link.

Our program email is [email protected], though it will not be checked as frequently during the summer.

This website is intended to answer some basic questions, but it's no substitute for an in-person meeting! Plan to stop by often as you work on your proposal.

News flash: 

The next proposal submission deadline is September 1, 2020. If you want to get some tips on writing or revising your proposal, attend this Zoom workshop with Peggy Chang on Wednesday, June 3, 1:30-3:00 pm EDT.