Independent Studies

Welcome to the Independent Studies program!

The Independent Studies (IS) program enables students to turn their passions into student-led academic courses. In this page, you can stay updated about important dates and dealines, learn about upcoming events, and find useful resources for your independent course. If you are interested in creating your own independent project, this is a great place to start!

The learning goals of our program are:

  • To connect the IS program with the broader CRC and Open Curriculum mission into our practice of mentorship.

  • To help students create/navigate their educational path.

Dates & Deadlines: Stay tuned for the 2021-22 dates!


Please submit all material by email to [email protected].

We ask that you share a first draft of your proposal with the IS coordinators before you submit your finalized application to the committee. This is meant to help strengthen your application; the coordinators will provide extensive feedback and suggest strategies for revision. The feedback process is dialectical and meant to improve your learning experience - please reach out to the coordinators at any point to discuss your ideas!

You can stay tuned about all the independent studies deadlines and events by subscribing to our calendar!

Remote Drop-in Advising Hours for Summer '21:

IS Resources:

IS Crash Course: Thinking about creating your own independent study but are not sure how to go about it? You can watch this video and view this presentation to learn about the different types of independent studies and the process of creating one.

Past GISPs Database request digital copies of past GISPs. You can also stop by the CRC in Room 228 in the Campus Center to browse the Independent Studies archive.

Potential GISP Ideas - submit your GISP ideas and find out more about the GISPs your peers are working.

Syllabus writing workshop - you can access a step-by-step guide to constructing your own syllabus.

Want to read the report from the very first GISP that spurred on the creation of Brown's Open Curriculum?  Read the Draft of a Working Paper for Education at Brown University.

Application Materials

We have revised the IS application to better align with our DIAP goals and encourage students to incorporate diverse voices in their syllabi!

  • Before submitting an Independent Study Application, please read thoroughly the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Application Materials - instructions for submitting the Independent Studies common application and supplements for GISPs, ISPs, and AIs.
  • Faculty Info Sheet everything faculty would want to know about being a (G)ISP/AI Sponsor (we recommend you hand this to your intended sponsor)

Coordinators and Contact Information

The IS coordinators advise students interested in Independent Studies and support students and faculty inovlved in current Independent Studies. Email them at [email protected] or drop by their remote advising hours.

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