Leave-taking Drop-in Hours

Summer '21 Leave-taking Remote Advising Hours (ET):

You can join the remote advising hours by using this Zoom link. You can also schedule an advising meeting if the above times don't work for you by emailing us at [email protected].

*In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand students may be considering taking a personal leave of absence for the spring semester. Please consult the College's FAQ page for answers to many frequently asked questions about leavetaking. Students can also sign up to speak with an academic advising dean or email [email protected].

Usually about 200 Brown students take a leave of absence to engage in meaningful activities that complement their academic studies. Students on leave may work, travel, volunteer, spend time with family, or take time to care for themselves or others. Sometimes academic, personal, or medical issues motivate a leave. At other times, students need space to reflect on their experiences in and out of the classroom. Seeing how classroom learning relates to the outside world is not always easy.  A leave may help bridge this gap.

The Curricular Resource Center houses resources for students thinking about a leave, planning a leave, or returning to campus from a leave. Our student leave-taking coordinators can help you identify options for making the most of your time away from Brown. Taking leave can be a scary or an unexpected decision. At the CRC, we do our best to address your concerns and help you along the way.

Feel free to contact the student leavetaking coordinators, or email your questions to [email protected]. You may also contact the CRC Director Peggy Chang at [email protected].

Please note: Leavetaking is not for credit. Students must apply in advance to study away from Brown if they wish to earn credit. Please see this site for details.