Pre-Leave Resources and Checklist

Some questions you should think about:

  • Why do I want to take a leave now?
  • What do I want to do or acccomplish or figure out during my leave?
  • Do I have any personal, financial or other limitations that I should take into account when structuring my time off?
  • Are my parents / caregivers supportive? If not, why, and how can I talk with them about their concerns?
  • What do I hope to be different when I return to Brown?

Feel free to use this worksheet to write out some of your thoughts about taking a leave of absense. 

Also check out Brown’s official Leavetaking Checklist found at the bottom of this page.

Personal Leave

Consult an academic advising dean: Students who take a personal leave must consult with an academic dean in order to file the official Leavetaking form. Deans are happy to hear your plans. They can also provide insight on any ideas you have about your leave. Please visit the College website for more information.

Medical Leave

Talk with a dean from the Office of Student Support Services (OSSS) (Graduate Center E): Students who take a medical leave work with a dean from OSSS to put a medical leave into place. Deans can help you understand the process of a medical leave, as well as assist in making a plan to heal oneself. Please visit the OSSS website for more information, and check out OSSS’s Medical Leave Blog.

Note for PLME students: You MUST notify the Associate Dean of Medicine about your decision to take a leave of absence after you have consulted with an academic dean.