Returning From Leave

Submit a Readmission Request

Deadline to notify a Dean of the College of your return:
Returning for Semester 1: April 1
Returning for Semester 2: October 1

Personal leaves

Send written notification (an email message) to one of the Deans of the College 
or to the CRC Director, Peggy Chang. Readmission requests received after the deadlines may be denied because of enrollment limits. Please visit the Dean of the College website for more information.

Medical leaves

File for readmission to the Office of Student Life (Graduate Center E).  Please visit the Office of Student Support Services website for more information.

After being readmitted, notify these offices:

Curricular Resource Center
Campus Center, Room 228, x3-3013

We’d love you to stop by and let us know about your adventure away.

Office of Insurance and Risk
164 Angell Street, x3-1848

Contact this office to enroll in Brown’s Student Health Insurance plan, or determine whether you are eligible to waive it if you are under a different plan already.

Office of Financial Aid
JWW 2nd Floor, (Box 1827), x3-2721

If you are requesting Financial Aid, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid at the earliest possible date, to make your need known and to request complete application materials. Remember that some parts of the application are due as early as Feb 15th.

Office of Residential Life
Grad Center E, 42 Charlesfield Street, Box 1864, x3-3500

Students are urged to make housing arrangements before taking a leave of absence, if possible, and no later than February 1 if returning for Semester 1, or December 1 if returning for Semester II.

Registrar's Office
JWW, 3rd Floor, x3-2500

To transfer course credit for work completed elsewhere, have the institution at which you studied send an official transcript of your work directly to Brown's Office ot the Registrar, Brown University, Box K, Providence, RI 02912. If your transfer courses require post-approval from departments or concentrations, contact the appropriate faculty members a.s.a.p. after your return. 

Office of International Student & Scholar Services
JWW, 5th Floor, Room 510, x3-2427 (for International Students)

Look into issues relating to your student visa or immigration status if you are studying at Brown on a student visa.

Brown Dining Services
144 Thayer Street, x3-3343

Contact Dining Services to enroll in a meal plan.

Loan Office
Brown Office Building, 164 Angell Street, 2nd Floor, x3-3296 

Contact the Loan Office if you have questions regarding previous or future loans.

Student and Employee Accessibility Services
20 Benevolent St, Box P x3-9588

Meet with the SEAS office if you are wondering about psychological, physical, and learning disabilities, and seeking additional information and services to assist you.