MAPS Focus Groups

About MAPS Focus Groups

At the end of MAPS' pilot year, both mentees and mentors urged MAPS to develop a smaller, more intimate forum that would allow MAPS mentees to interact with each other as well as MAPS mentors. Structured focus groups have been added to the program to meet this need. 

Five focus groups are held throughout each semester. Each focus group is organized by 3-4 MAPS mentors and includes 10 mentees. MAPS mentors facilitate discussion, posing questions about various topics including sophomore academic concerns, leadership at brown, managing extracurriculars, navigating time away from home and identity, concentration specific advice, life after Brown, and study abroad. A faculty member, dean, or other guest may be invited to join a focus group to provide additional perspective on the issue at hand.

While focus group topics may be covered by a panel as well, focus groups allow mentees to explore issues and challenges in a more nuanced way. Focus groups include peer feedback, which can be supplemented by anecdotes and wisdom from MAPS mentors. 

Each mentee is required to attend at least one focus group.

See Program Schedule for specific dates and times of focus groups.