Matched Advising Program for Sophomores

The Matched Advising Program for Sophomores is intended to provide second-year students a continuous support system throughout their time at Brown, in which we help facilitate their awareness and access to the multitude of resources offered at the Curricular Resource Center. By pairing second-year students with junior and senior mentors for one-on-one and group-advising support, second-year students find themselves feeling better prepared to navigate concentration declarations, research opportunities, internships, "sophomore slump," and general academic counseling. 

In addition to one-on-one peer advising, MAPS organizes group events and panel presentations geared toward all sophomores, as well as focus groups that provide a forum for MAPS participants to discuss the opportunities and challenges unique to the sophomore year at Brown. 

MAPS Program 2018-2019

Rising Sophomores: Thinking of applying to be a MAPS mentee? Look out for the MAPS mentee application which will be available in Fall 2018. 

Juniors and Seniors: Passionate about advising? Be a MAPS mentor!  More information on the application process and information sessions will be provided towards the end of the Spring 2018 and leading into Fall 2018.

Questions?  Email 

Students gather for MAPS kick off brunchStudents gather for MAPS kick off brunch MAPS info session 2017MAPS info session 2017

Note: Sophomores must declare concentrations by April 1.

MAPS Learning Goals:
  • Teach MAPS students to feel comfortable accessing resources and articulating what they want from academic relationships.
  • Develop meaningful mentorship with an older student in order to gain knowledge and experience
  • Think critically about concentration choice, and see it as a journey/growth process.