Theories in Action: The Senior Exchange (TiA)

Theories in Action (TiA)

After careful consideration of our current circumstances, we have decided to postpone Theories in Action 2020. 

We understand this announcement may be upsetting to seniors who looked forward to participating; thus, we want to encourage seniors looking for a reflective outlook to consider contributing to other campus initiatives brought forth by CCB and the Brown Daily Herald. Our office is considering a potentially modified celebration of the Class of 2020 to coincide with the rescheduled graduation. For now, we wish you all a happy and healthy journey into your next stage of life.

Best regards,
TiA 2020 Team

The Curricular Resource Center and the Dean of the College are excited to present the Brown community with this year’s Theories in Action Exchange.

Theories in Action is a unique, interdisciplinary space on campus, providing seniors the opportunity to showcase the research, leadership activities, artistic productions, and other experiences mattering to them. At its heart, TiA seeks to serve as a culminating experience for seniors wherein they can reflect on the journey that has brought them to the final chapter of undergraduate studies: Graduation!

Seniors at this year's symposium will reflect on our years at Brown and how we think we'll carry the lessons and values we have attained into our careers, future studies, and personal lives. While TiA is focused on the senior experience, this 3-day event will allow presenters and audience members a chance to celebrate their values and ideas about scholarship in action in all aspects: work inside and outside the classroom, in communities off the Hill, personal passions, and creative projects in various forms.

Now in its 11th year, TiA has given over 700 seniors a forum to share their values and ideas as they ring in graduation. This year, we are expanding the formats in which seniors can present and reflect on their time at Brown.

  • Roundtable Discussions, in which seniors with similar experiences hold an interdisciplinary conversation on what they have learned from their experiences in class and beyond.
  • Past-Present-Future: A Walk Through the Class of 2020 Journey, an interactive, community reflection night where seniors can reminisce about what the past four years brought for them, where they are now, and what they hope for in the future.
  • Eat, Talk, Learn, a series of lightning talks given by seniors about topics they find important and hope to bring more attention to, paired with appetizers and drinks.
  • Poster Session, a two-hour semi-formal reception that marks the close of the exchange, where students can showcase their accomplishments in the form of a poster.