Fulbright Student Fellowship

Deadline 08/04/2023
Eligibility Seniors and recent alumni (recent alumni can also apply at large)
Contact [email protected]
Website http://us.fulbrightonline.org/


The Fulbright Program is the U.S. Government’s premier scholarship program, enabling students to conduct research, study, or teach in over 160 countries around the world. Congress created the Fulbright Program in 1946 with the mission of fostering mutual understanding among nations through educational and cultural exchange. There are two basic types of grants: Study/Research Grants and English Teaching Assistantships. Study/Research Grants support individually designed projects or university coursework in virtually all subject areas. English Teaching Assistantships offer opportunities for grantees to teach English conversation and American culture in elementary, high school, or university classrooms.  

For more information, visit the Fulbright U.S. Student Program website.


U.S. citizens who will hold at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent prior to undertaking the grant are eligible. Applications may be made for one country and one type of award only.


How to Apply

Applying to the Fulbright is a multi-stage process involving summer advising and campus nomination for all enrolled students. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the Fulbright Intent to Apply Form (available in late-April) to sign up for Brown’s Fulbright Canvas Course and Summer Fellowship Advising by May 23, 2023

  2. Register through Fulbright's online application system to gain access to the application

  3. Complete Brown’s Fulbright Canvas Course by June 29, 2023 

  4. Complete the Fulbright application, including

  1. Demographic and short response questions

  2. Statement of Grant Purpose

  3. Personal Statement

  4. Letter of Affiliation (for research grants only)

  5. 3 Letters of Recommendation

  6. Transcript(s)

  7. Language Evaluation (if required)

  1. Submit your application through Fulbright's online application system by the campus deadline of 11:59pm EST on August 4, 2023 

  2. Following the Fulbright Committee Review process, make changes to your application based on the committee’s suggestions

  3. Conduct an interview with a member of the Fulbright Committee

Submit your final application through
Fulbright's online application system by the national deadline of 5pm EST on October 10, 2023

Application Timeline

  • May 23, 2023 – Complete the Fulbright Intent to Apply (available in late April) to sign up for the Fulbright Canvas Course and Fellowship Summer Advising

  • June 26, 2023 – Complete 2023-24 Fulbright Canvas Course

  • 11:59pm EST on August 4, 2023 – Campus Deadline – Submit you Fulbright application for campus review and nomination in Fulbright’s online application system 

  • 5pm EST on Oct 10, 2023 – National Deadline – Submit your revised Fulbright application

For more detailed instructions on how to apply, see the 2023-24 Instructions for Fulbright Applicants.


Sabrina Bajwa, '21 (Spain)
Roger Bautista, '22 (Sweden)
Maria-Chiara Bellomo, '22 (Italy)
Kaitlan Bui, '22 (Vietnam)
Benjamin Connor, '22 (France)
Joshua Danielson, '22 (Malta)
Kevin Du, '22 (Switzerland)
Natalie Fredman, '21 (Mexico(Self-reported at-large recipient))
Celia Heath, '22 (Italy)
Julia Henke, '22 (Nepal)
Olivia Howe, '22 (Germany)
Annie Huang, '22 (Austria)
Rebecca Kirby, '22 (Germany)
Anuj Krishnamurthy, '19 (United Kingdom)
Lucas Kuan, '22 (France)
Michael Lahiff, '22 (Germany)
Scott Magid, '22 (Czech Republic)
Cameron McCartin, '22 (Taiwan)
Patrick Nasta, '22 (Italy)
Daviana Perez, '22 (Guatemala)
Poom Pipatjarasgit, '21 (France)
Samantha Plezia, '22 (India)
Allison Singleton, '22 (Germany)
Kelley Tackett, '20 (India)
Nathan Tung, '22 (France)
Hanna Wells, '22 (Sri Lanka)
Paul Abrams, '21 (Sweden)
Sara Alavi, '21 (United Kingdom)
Morgan Awner, '21 (Spain)
Wassa Bagayoko, '21 (Cote d'Ivoire)
Jane Bradley, '21 (Spain)
Sarah Buchanan, '21 (Spain)
Rainbow Chen, '21 (Netherlands)
Ethan Franzblau, '21 (Austria)
Mae Fullerton, '21 (Taiwan)
Alexis Giff, '21 (Switzerland)
Christien Hernandez, '21 (Spain)
Christine Lee, '21 (South Korea)
Hannah Lee, '21 (South Korea)
Jenny Lee, '21 (Vietnam)
Cynthia Lu, '21 (Spain)
Dylan Majsiak, '21 (Mexico)
Jessica Ojeda, '21 (Spain)
Elizabeth Rolfes, '21 (Uzbekistan)
Nikita Shah, '21 (India)
Tara Srinivas, '20 (Spain)
Sarah Van Horn, '21 (Brazil)
Albin Wells, '21 (Netherlands)
Jamila Wilkinson, '21 (Trinidad and Tobago)
Jacob Alabab-Moser, '20 (Mexico)
Layla Beckhardt, '20 (Germany)
Cornelia Cating, '20 (Burma)
Miranda Christ, '20 (Hungary)
Shane Des Enfants, '20 (Ecuador)
Louis Epstein, '20 (India)
Payton Gannon, '20 (Italy)
Michael Gold, '20 (India)
Maya Greenhill, '20 (Chile)
Liam Greenwell, '20 (Vietnam)
Olivia Hinch, '20 (Morocco)
Gabrielle Hsi, '20 (Taiwan)
Isiah Iniguez, '20 (Colombia)
Oren Karp, '20 (Nepal)
Christopher Lingelbach, '20 (India)
Meredith Morran, '20 (Portugal)
Joseph Novak, '20 (Russia)
Mia Pattillo, '20 (Germany)
Tabitha Payne, '20 (Colombia)
Alyssa Pho, '20 (Taiwan)
Jazmin Piche Cifuentes, '20 (Brazil)
Ella Satish, '20 (Colombia)
Annie Savaria-Watson, '20 (Chile)
Ella Scholz, '20 (Russia)
Theodore Vial, '20 (Czech Republic)
Cindy Won, '20 (Indonesia)
Sophie Zacharakis, '20 (Jordan)
Rakan Aboneaaj, '19 (Brazil)
Melanie Ambler, '18 (France)
Shade Au, '19 (Taiwan)
Ashley Bang, '19 (Taiwan)
Isabelle Bauman, '19 (Denmark)
Karisma Chhabria, '19 (India)
Eojin Choi, '19 (Poland)
Jacinta Clay, '19 (Norway)
Rachaell Diaz, '19 (Mexico)
Sonia Geba, '17 (Ukraine)
Makedah Hughes, '19 (France)
Julian Jacobs, '19 (Belgium)
Jacob Jamison, '19 (Germany)
Ricardo Jaramillo, '19 (Mexico)
Kiyomasa Kuwana, '19 (South Korea)
Tomiyuri Lewis, '19 (Thailand)
Mark Liang, '19 (Macau)
Jonathan Lujan, '19 (Taiwan)
Molly Magid, '19 (New Zealand)
Marcus Mamourian, '18 (Germany)
Hope McGovern, '19 (Austria)
Hafsa Moinuddin, '19 (Malaysia)
Jack Morris, '19 (Brazil)
Anna Murphy, '19 (Turkey)
Gio Santiago, '19 (Spain)
Kaia Sargent, '17 (Netherlands)
Evan Silver, '16 (Indonesia)
Lucy Srour, '19 (Indonesia)
Emily Sun, '18 (Spain)
Signe Swanson, '19 (Ukraine)
Shanze Tahir, '19 (Indonesia)
Yesenia Valverde, '18 (Malaysia)
Kit Sum Wu, '19 (Japan)
Dorothy Yam, '19 (Russia)
Daniel Youkilis, '19 (Russia)
Crystal Zhang, '19 (Japan)
Aaren Zhu, '19 (China)
Oyindamola Akingbile, '18 (South Korea)
Trevor Anesi, '18 (Samoa)
Katherine Armstrong, '18 (Taiwan)
Ryan Bahar, '18 (Czech Republic)
Erika Banuelos, '18 (Spain)
Marjo Beltoja, '18 (Denmark)
Jonah Blumenthal, '18 (Bulgaria)
Akira Camargo, '18 (South Korea)
Natalie Chapkis, '18 (Sweden)
Ella Cohen, '18 (Morocco)
Margot Cohen, '18 (Ecuador)
Spencer Darveau, '18 (Taiwan)
Alexandra Dolido, '18 (Germany)
Ibtihal Elfaki, '18 (Switzerland)
Alana Felton, '18 (Belarus)
Erin Gallagher, '18 (Germany)
Benjamin Gladstone, '18 (Israel)
Ciara Hayden, '18 (Montenegro)
Timothy Jeng, '18 (Spain)
Joshua Kurtz, '17 (Romania)
Andrew Linder, '17 (Czech Republic)
Alexander Mezoff, '18 (Spain)
Grace Molino, '18 (Netherlands)
Brenda Morales, '18 (Spain)
Amalia Perez, '18 (Colombia)
Anna Schwartz, '18 (Norway)
Nicole Ubinas, '18 (Dominican Republic)
Jordan Waller, '18 (Uzbekistan)
Jeanelle Wheeler, '18 (France)
Michelle Zabat, '18 (Philippines)