Fulbright Student Fellowship

Deadline 08/18/2017
Eligibility Seniors and recent alumni (recent alumni can also apply at large)
Contact Linda Dunleavy
Website http://us.fulbrightonline.org/


The Fulbright Program is the U.S. Government’s premier scholarship program, enabling students to conduct research, study, or teach in over 140 countries around the world. Congress created the Fulbright Program in 1946 with the mission of fostering mutual understanding among nations through educational and cultural exchange. There are two basic types of grants: Research Grants and Teaching Assistantships. Research Grants support individually designed projects, or university coursework in virtually all subject areas. Teaching Assistantships offer opportunities for grantees to teach English conversation and American culture in elementary, high school, or university classrooms.  View the English Teaching Assistantships countries  here. Applications may be made for one country and one type of award only.


U.S. citizens who will hold at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent prior to undertaking the grant are eligible. Selection is based on the quality of the proposed project, the validity and feasibility of the propsed project, the academic and /or professional preparation of the applicant, the applicant's language skills, and personal qualifications. Preference is given to candidates who have not had prior opportunity for extended study or residence abroad, but such experience does not disqualify candidates. Study abroad experience in the country is not considered extended study or residence and in no way impacts a student's candidacy. 


Fulbright Grants include:

Round-trip transportation to the host country, funding to cover room, board, and incidental costs, based on the cost of living in the host country and accident & sickness health benefits.

In some countries, grants may also include:

book and research allowances, mid-term enrichment activities, full or partial tuition, language study programs, pre-departure and in-country orientations

See country descriptions on the Fulbright US student program's website.




Brown's request for Reference - Instructions for Applicants

Information for Referees writing letters of recommendations

Fulbright Submission Instructions

April 12, 2017 - Fulbright 101 Agenda 

As part of the Fulbright process, Fulbright requires that Brown and other universities conduct a review of the applications of all enrolled student candidates. Though the process is evaluative, all candidates who apply are sent forward to Fulbright. Brown convenes a committee of faculty and deans who review all applications. The campus committee both evaluates and offers guidance to students. After the committee review and interviews, students can make changes to their applications based on the committee's suggestions.

All applicants must submit a complete application through UFunds, Brown's online application system by August 18, 2017, Brown's Campus Deadline. UFunds, Brown's online application system will be available mid-June for students interested in applying. 

The complete application consists of the following documents

  • Application from Fulbright's site 
  • Statement of Grant Purpose
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of affiliation (for research grants)
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Transcript(s)
  • Language Evaluation (if required)

Applicants will apply through UFunds, Brown's online application system.

Linda Sutherland, Manager of Fellowship Program
Brown University
Office of the Dean of the College
University Hall, Suite 213
1 Prospect Street, Box 1828
Providence, RI 02912


Cindy Abarca, '17 (Poland)
Katya Barrett, '17 (France)
Elizabeth Berman, '16 (Germany)
Leanne Block, '17 (France)
Cambria Chou-Freed, '17 (Argentina)
Andrea Cordova, '17 (Portugal)
Jonathan Davies, '17 (Philippines)
Samuel Falkson, '16 (Israel)
Aida Feng, '17 (Germany)
Cecilia Garza, '17 (Spain)
Emma Gleeman, '16 (Chile)
Virginia Holmes, '17 (Germany)
Anna Johantgen, '14 (Spain)
Olugbenga Joseph, '16 (Spain)
Sidney Karesh, '16 (Belarus)
Stefanie Kaufman, '17 (Swaziland)
Liana Kramer, '17 (Netherlands)
Jacinta Lomba, '17 (Brazil)
Sydney Menzin, '17 (Spain)
Dipal Nagda, '17 (Germany)
Viet Nguyen, '17 (South Korea)
Evangelos Nikitopoulos, '17 (Hungary)
James Ninia, '16 (Italy)
David Reich, '17 (Jordan)
Emily Schwartz, '17 (Netherlands)
Pranav Sharma, '17 (India)
Margaret Tennis, '14 (Ukraine)
Maaike Tiersma, '17 (Chile)
Ryan Walsh, '17 (Israel)
Daniel Wilhite, '16 (Brazil)
Eve Woldemikael, '16 (Portugal)
Matthew Wood, '17 (Brazil)
Chanelle Adams, '16 (France)
Jason Addy, '16 (South Korea)
Ivan Alcantara, '16 (Germany)
Carlin Armstrong, '15 (Mexico)
Christin Aucapina, '16 (Brazil)
Charlotte Bilski, '16 (South Africa)
Hannah Duncan, '15 (Finland)
Anselmo Fuentes, '16 (Mexico)
Alexandra Garcia, '16 (Spain)
Jason Ginsberg, '16 (United Kingdom)
Alexander Gourley, '16 (South Korea)
Zoe Greenburg, '16 (Spain)
Lucia Iglesias, '16 (Germany)
Marga Kempner, '16 (Brazil)
Brenna Keogh, '16 (Mexico)
Jeffrey Lam, '16 (Vietnam)
Rebecca Levy, '16 (Taiwan)
Katherine Long, '16 (Tajikistan)
Grant Meyer, '16 (Netherlands)
Margaret Min, '16 (South Korea)
Elizabeth Montoya, '16 (Spain)
Paige Morris, '16 (South Korea)
Claire Rhee, '16 (Sweden)
Yvette Schein, '16 (Norway)
Emily Schell, '16 (Taiwan)
Samantha Steiner, '16 (Argentina)
Nicole Thomasian, '16 (Japan)
Maite Van Hentenryck, '16 (France)
Sheena Wood, '13 (India)
Meher Ali, '15 (Bangladesh)
Emma Brandt, '14 (Serbia)
Kira Bromwich, '16 (Morocco)
Austin Cole, '15 (Colombia)
Daniel Coppersmith, '15 (New Zealand)
Mary Craig, '14 (Argentina)
Phoebe Draper, '15 (Malaysia)
Hannah Duron, '15 (Mexico)
Jessica Fields, '14 (Spain)
Mara Freilich, '15 (Chile)
Margaret Hire, '15 (Germany)
Michael Hoffmann, '15 (Brazil)
Alexander Jusdanis, '15 (Morocco)
Asia Nelson, '15 (Taiwan)
Gregory Nissan, '15 (Germany)
Camila Pacheco-Fores, '14 (Mexico)
Eugene Robinson, '15 (Mexico)
Elena Venable, '15 (Spain)
David Adler, '14 (Mexico)
Zachary Bleckner, '13 (Brazil)
Avilash Cramer, '14 (India)
Reva Dhingra, '14 (Jordan)
Sarah Domenick, '14 (France)
Thomas Finley, '14 (Germany)
Meia Geddes, '14 (South Africa)
Lisa Goddard, '14 (Taiwan)
Hannah Graham, '14 (Japan)
Liliana Gutmann-McKenzie, '14 (Mexico)
Raghavendra Kamalesh, '14 (Germany)
Amanda Labora, '13 (Mexico)
Emma Lamothe, '14 (Spain)
Jesse McGleughlin, '14 (South Africa)
Rie Ohta, '14 (Malaysia)
Emma Ramadan, '13 (Morocco)
Devon Reynolds, '14 (Brazil)
Jeremy Shar, '14 (Chile)
Maya Sikand, '13 (India)
Lindsay Sovern, '14 (Russia)
Marie Tanaka, '13 (Andorra)
Kyle Zurcher, '14 (Turkey)
Maia Chao, '13 (Spain)
Michael Goldberg, '13 (France)
Samuel Jambrovic, '12 (Colombia)
Meghana Koushik, '13 (Turkey)
Daniel Levine-Spound, '13 (France)
Aviva Loew, '12 (Malaysia)
Cindy Lung, '12 (Kosovo)
Elena Maker, '12 (Colombia)
Elizabeth Matthews, '13 (Taiwan)
Caroline Sagalchik, '13 (Kyrgyzstan)
Guy Tabachnick, '13 (Czech Republic)
Areebah Ajani, ' (Tajikistan)
Daniel Alexander, '12 (Spain)
Norin Ansari, '12 (Bangladesh)
Alysha Aziz, '12 (South Africa)
Rachel Baker, '12 (Colombia)
Alejandro Brambila, '12 (Chile)
Gillian Brassil, '12 (Spain)
Nathaniel Chu, '12 (Panama)
Kaley Curtis, '12 (South Korea)
Jeremy Cutting, '12 (Argentina)
Galia Deitz, '12 (Israel)
Sarah Denaci, '12 (Argentina)
Andrea Dillon, '12 (Chile)
Mica Fidler, '12 (South Africa)
Juliana Friend, '11 (Senegal)
Eric Gruebel, '12 (Turkey)
Hector Hernandez, '12 (Spain)
Mariel Heupler, '12 (Argentina)
Janine Khraishah, '12 (France)
Leland Lazarus, '12 (Panama)
Harmony Lu, '12 (Taiwan)
Thirii Myint, '11 (Spain)
Madisen Obiedo, '12 (Mexico)
Titilola Ogunsola, '12 (Dominican Republic)
Guillaume Riesen, '12 (Switzerland)
Maxwell Rosero, '12 (Macau)
Manvir Singh, '12 (Denmark)
Robert Webber, '12 (Indonesia)
Samantha Adelberg, '11 (Panama)
Fatimah Asghar, '11 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
David Castillo, '11 (Spain)
Gem Chema, '11 (Korea)
Joseph Glaser-Reich, '11 (Thailand)
Allison Kemmerle, '11 (Greece)
Sonia Kim, '11 (Korea)
Sam Koplewicz, '11 (Croatia)
Emily Lamb, '11 (Chile)
Pablo Larios, '11 (Germany)
Dana Mirsalis, '11 (Japan)
Andrew O'Shea Furnas, '11 (Germany)
Alexandra Schultz, '11 (United Kingdom)
Cecilia Springer, '11 (China)
Chelsea Springer, '11 (Brazil)