Marshall Scholarships

Deadline 07/21/2017
Eligibility Seniors and recent alumni
Contact Linda Dunleavy
Website http://www.marshallscholarship.org/


An Act of Parliament in 1953 established the Marshall Scholarships to commemorate the  ideals of the European Recovery Programme best know as the Marshall Plan established  by U.S. General George Marshall in 1947. The scholarship expresses the gratitude of the British to the Americans and promotes intellectual, personal, and cultural exchange between the United States and the United Kingdom. Roughly 40 Marshall Scholarships will be awarded to U.S. citizens for study at any university in the United Kingdom. Scholarships can have a tenure of one or two academic years and in special cases may be extended to three years.


Applicants for the Marshall Scholarship must be U.S. citizens and will be eligible if they have graduated from their undergraduate institution after April 2014 regardless of their age. A 3.7 minimum grade point average is required, unless there are exceptional extenuating circumstances. The selection committee for Marshall Scholars looks for leadership ability and “distinction of intellect and character” demonstrated through the candidate’s academic record and other activities and achievements. Committees favor candidates who combine high academic ability with the capacity to contribute actively to the U.K. university they would attend; in addition they value a strong sense of life purpose, which includes a specific and realistic academic program.


A Marshall Scholarship covers tuition, books, travel in connection with courses of study, costs of thesis preparation, and travel costs to and from Britain. The total value varies from scholar to scholar, depending on the university and place of residence, etc.


The following materials will be available in early Spring. 

Download our brochure "Guide to Fellowships in the U.K. and Ireland" 

Information for Applicants about Letters of recommendation 

Information for Referees Document

Marshall Submission Instructions 

Marshall Criteria

Marshall & Mitchell Getting Started Workshop Agenda

Sample Personal Statements

If you are alumni and would like a copy of the above documents, please email Linda_Sutherland@brown.edu 

As part of the application process, the Marshall Scholarship requires that Brown and other universities review prospective applicants to determine their suitability for institutional endorsement as Marshall Scholarship candidate. Accordingly, a committee made up of faculty and deans has set the following guidelines for Brown's in-house review. By the campus deadline of July 21, 2017, candidates must submit the following:

  • The complete Marshall application as found on the Marshall Scholarship website including the personal statement and the proposed program statement. 
  • 4 letters of recommendation, at least two of which must be from Brown faculty (please consult with Dean Dunleavy about exceptions).
  • An official Brown University transcripts from other institutions you have attended (both domestically and abroad)
All candidates for the Marshall must complete the application and register their referees on the Marshall Scholarship website, and then submit it directly through their online system by Brown's campus deadline of 
July 21, 2017. Unlike the Rhodes online system, Marshall's online system automatically directs applications to the campus representative. Thus we can perform our internal review of Marshall candidates without needing to have our candidates first apply through UFunds. Please note that once you have registered your referees in the Marshall system, the system will generate an automatic email to the recommender with login information and instructions for submitting their letter. You should be certain that you have made the best choice for letters of reference before you register those individuals. 

Please give your referees a copy of the Information for Referees document above.

Letters of Reference should be addressed to the Marshall Committee.


David Elitzer, '17
Evan Silver, '16
Nicholas Werle, '10
Andrew O'Shea Furnas, '11