Harry S. Truman Scholarship Program

Deadline 11/17/2023
Eligibility Juniors
Contact [email protected]
Website http://www.truman.gov


Established by Congress in 1975, the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to college juniors (at the time of application) who have outstanding leadership potential and intend to pursue careers in public service. In 2023, one or more scholarships will be available to a qualified resident nominee in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and considered as a single entity, the Islands: Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.


Brown can nominate four students for this scholarship each year, as well as an additional three transfer students. Juniors planning a career that has a public service component and who are United States citizens or United States nationals from American Samoa or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are eligible to apply. Criteria for selection are a strong desire to be a “change agent,” outstanding potential for leadership, and academic performance. The candidates are judged on the basis of analytical ability, leadership, communications skills, independence, initiative, sensitivity to others, demonstrated interest in government and/or community service, prospects of performing well in graduate school, and commitment to a career in public service. A variety of disciplines can lead to public service careers; for example, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, biology, and environmental studies, as well as fields such as history, political science, government, public health, public administration, economics, and international relations. Authentic leadership and commitment to making a difference as well as an imaginative approach to conceiving of these things are desirable qualities for students interested in this award.


$30,000 for graduate or professional study. In addition to funding, the Truman involves a leadership week and a summer institute both of which give Truman scholars a chance to explore pressing policy and public service concerns as well develop connections and learn from each other.


To apply for consideration for nomination for the Truman Scholarship, applicants must submit a complete application to UFunds by the campus deadline: November 17, 2023. Applicants can fill out the sample application form from the Truman Scholars website, save it as a PDF, and upload it to UFunds.

We require one copy of the following:

  • A completed application form, which the form can be downloaded from the Truman site. (Note: For the campus deadline, students must use the sample application.)

  • Full answers to all of the essay questions that are part of the Truman application form, including a policy memo. (Note: Applicants are welcome to upload a separate Word doc or PDF with their essays, should they wish to.)

  • Three letters (3) of recommendation, registered in UFunds. One letter must be written by a Brown faculty member familiar with the applicant’s academic abilities and prospects for success in graduate school; another must be written by someone who can discuss the applicant’s commitment to a career in public service; and the third will come from someone who can attest to the applicant’s leadership abilities and can ideally speak directly about the leadership example the applicant uses in question 7. (Note: Please have letters addressed to Joel Simundich, Assistant Dean of the College for Fellowships).

  • Official Brown University transcript as well as an official transcript from any other school attended, either for study abroad or as a transfer student.

The Truman Scholarship application in UFunds is currently open and accepting applications for students interested in applying for the Truman Scholarship.  Nominees will be contacted in December with instructions on next steps for finalizing their applications by the national deadline: February 6, 2024.

For questions regarding the Truman Scholarship, contact us at [email protected].


John Lin, '23
Marysol Fernandez Harvey, '21
Rose Lang-Maso, '20
Dorothy Jiang, '19