Application Process

The Mellon Mays Application deadline is the first Monday of March each year.  The next application deadline is March 5, 2018, by 11:59 pm.

All application materials must be submitted via the Dean of the College's online application portal, UFUNDS, before the deadline. The system will not accept late applications.

Finalists are invited to interview with the MMUF Faculty Advisory Board in early April. Final notifications are emailed shortly thereafter. 

The MMUF Application requires:

  1. a statement of purpose (guidelines provided below)
  2. a resumé highlighting activities that demonstrate a commitment to eradicating racial inequality and any research you have done
  3. the student's internal academic record and, if a transfer student, transcripts from any other college or university attended
  4. recommendation letters from 2 professors (not graduate students) who know your academic work (guidelines provided below)

Statement of Purpose

This is a critical part of the application. Your statement should:

  • explain your concentration plans, including how you see yourself as a researcher in the field and any courses and texts that have shaped your thinking;
  • provide a sense of the kind of research project you would like to begin undertaking the summer following your sophomore year. Include your research question(s) and/or methodology for approaching these questions. (Note: Fellows should be prepared to participate in research activities at Brown during the summer following the sophomore year, unless they can present an alternate plan for summer research);
  • discuss your future academic plans, including graduate study;
  • address how you plan to fulfill the stated goals of the Mellon Mays Fellowship Program.

Recommendation Letters

  • Letters should come from faculty members (not graduate students) who have taught you as an undergraduate. Faculty may hold full-time or visiting positions at Brown or at another college or university.
  • We urge you to review the suggestions for requesting letters of recommendation on the Dean of the College's Fellowships website. The site recommends asking for letters  at least two weeks prior to the deadline. For MMUF, we strongly advise you to request letters at least 3-4 weeks prior to the deadline and that you send a reminder just before the deadline, as well as a hand-written thank you note. 
  • Once you enter and save your faculty references in UFUNDS, an email will be sent to them requesting recommendation letters. You must ask the faculty members if they are willing to write on your behalf before saving your application. We recommend that you begin your application and enter your recommenders' names at least several weeks prior to the deadline, even if you are not yet ready to submit your application, so that they will receive the automatically generated email well before the deadline.

Regarding Mellon Faculty Mentors:

  • All Mellon Fellows must have a committed faculty mentor. Having a committed mentor at the time of applying can strengthen your application.
  • If you have a mentor in mind, include a letter of recommendation from this person. Note that recommendation writers should know your academic work.
  • Visiting and adjunct faculty members can form part of your advising network, but should not be the primary Faculty Mentor.
  • If you do not have a committed Mentor, and you are selected for the fellowship, we will assist you in identifying an appropriate Mentor.