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Established in 1996 through the generosity of Charles Royce, a 1961 graduate of Brown University, the Royce Fellowship Program supports Brown University undergraduates as they carry out independent projects of their own design in locations across the United States and around the world. Along with funding, the program confers lifetime membership in the Society of Royce Fellows - a community of student scholars, faculty fellows, and Royce alumni that offers a forum for reflection, inquiry, and intellectual engagement within the university.

Every spring, up to twenty students at Brown are inducted into the Society of Royce Fellows, each receiving an award of $4,000 to pursue a research project of his or her own design. The program seeks to enable undergraduates to explore their developing interests and passions and to extend the ideals of Brown’s open curriculum beyond the walls of the university.

As they complete their projects, fellows also become active participants in the Society of Royce Fellows. Through monthly seminars, regular presentations, discussions, and visits from Royce alumni, students share their visions of independent academic research with their community of fellows. The Royce experience ultimately encourages both a deep commitment to students’ own scholarly work and ideas and a sense of responsibility to the world beyond Brown.

Six to eight faculty members participate each year as faculty fellows, offering the Royce Fellows support and guidance, hosting events, and facilitating discussion. Bringing together outstanding Brown students, faculty, and program alumni in a vibrant intellectual community, the Royce Fellowship Program strives to create an environment for accomplished and emerging scholars alike to share their concerns and interests.

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Royce Fellowship for Sport and Society



The Royce Fellowship for Sport and Society recognizes Brown University undergraduates who have a record of excellence in academics and sport. The program supports innovative research or applied projects that explore the intersection of sport and human rights within a particular context, health, education, conflict resolution, public policy, disability rights, race, gender or ethnicity. The Fellowship supports reflection and inquiry by inspiring fellows to connect their scholarly work with that of their peers and designated faculty, staff and community leaders. The Sport and Society Fellows meet regularly with the larger Royce community this allowing students to discuss sport as an emerging area of study or research within a specific disciplinary context.

"My Royce Sport and Society Fellowship directly shaped my time at Brown, my post-graduation plans and my aspirations for the future. Thank you Mr. Royce for an experience that opened my eyes to a new field - a field to which I feel an almost intrinsic connection given my combined passions for sport and international development." Katie Gannett '10