Midyear Autumn Email 2

Midyear TVRUE Autumn Email #2: Reminder of Upcoming Deadlines (October 11, 2013)

Dear Mid-year Transfer, Visiting, and RUE Students:

Happy fall!

This is a brief email to remind you to continuously check our Transfer, Visiting, and RUE Orientation website for upcoming deadlines. Our Orientation schedule will be posted there next month. As a reminder, you should move-in to campus on Saturday, January 18 or early Sunday, January 19, in time for our Orientation Welcome Meeting at 2:00 PM on the 19th

Upcoming deadlines include:

BY DEC 15: Housing Preference Form


Letter to your faculty advisor: As a reminder, you will be assigned a faculty advisor (if you will be a first semester sophomore) or connected with a concentration advisor (if you will be a second semester sophomore or junior). Since you do not know the name of your faculty advisor at this point, feel free to address your letter, "Dear Faculty Advisor:"

Expected Course List:
Enter the courses you plan to take in your "shopping cart" in self-service Banner. This list will help guide your first advising conversations and help you identify some courses for which you might want to register on January 21.

Online tutorial: You will receive a personal link in an email to your Brown account. You may view the Conduct codes online.

Final Official Transcripts &  Transfer Credit Worksheet:
If you're currently enrolled, we’ll need your updated 
Transfer Credit Worksheet. You will NOT receive transfer credit for courses in progress until we receive your official final transcript.

Once fall semester grades have posted, your Final Transcript(s) should be mailed to:

Dean Maitrayee Bhattacharyya 
Office of the Dean of the College 
Brown University 
Box 1828 
Providence, RI  02912

Transfer credits for work you have already completed, for which we have an official transcript, will be processed by next Friday, and will appear on your internal transcript.

Deans Maitrayee Bhattacharyya and Carol Cohen
Your TVRUE Deans