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Course Lottery

June 2nd, 2017

Dear first-year students,

Please continue to reference the summer deadlines checklist (sent last week) for upcoming items that you need to complete over the summer.

The First-Year Seminar (FYS) & Curricular Advising Program (CAP) course lottery will open on Monday, June 5th!  A complete list of FYS and CAP courses is available in our Advising Sidekick (ASK) tool. You can log in, click the “Incoming Students” tab, and select "Course Lottery." Once you've read the course descriptions and noted the offerings that interest you, click "My Preferences". You'll be able to register preferences for up to three courses.  

As noted above, the course lottery allows you to note your interest in two kinds of courses:

  • First-Year Seminars are courses specifically geared towards first-years. They are taught by Brown faculty in all areas of the curriculum, from anthropology to physics to literary arts, and explore interesting, often unusual topics that are of personal interest to the faculty who teach them. Because the maximum enrollment limit for these courses is twenty students or less, students receive regular feedback on the work they produce for the class. Seminar faculty often serve as informal mentors for their students long after the class has ended.
  • Curricular Advising Program allows first-year students to enroll in a course taught by a faculty member who also serves as their academic advisor. Many first-year students find the advising process easier and more natural when their academic advisor is also one of their teaching professors. Some FYS courses are also CAP courses.  Note: If you are interested in taking a particular CAP course but do NOT want to participate in the advising component, you can still register for the course. Don’t enter the course as a preference in the lottery; instead, make note of the course and include it as one of the classes you discuss with your advisor before formally registering in September.

Try not to select any FYS or CAP courses that conflict with each other or with other courses you’re strongly considering. The first round of the lottery closes at 5 pm on June 16. The lottery does not favor students who enroll early in a given round, but we do recommend that you participate in the first round to maximize your chances for being placed in your preferred FYS or CAP course. Students who are not placed in one of their preferred courses in the first round have priority placement in the second round lottery, which opens June 23 at 9 am. You will be notified of your placements in July. Please note that due to the high volume of students who enter the lottery, it is possible you may not be placed in any of the courses you entered as a preference. You will have the opportunity to add courses when course registration open at 7 pm on Tuesday, September 5th.

Upcoming Items:

  • Contact College Board to send all AP scores to Brown – Due June 1
  • SEAS form (if applicable) – Due in early June
  • Academic Interests Questionnaire – Due June 15
  • Roommate Questionnaire – Due June 15
  • Pre-Orientation Programs (optional) – Registration closes June 16


The Advising Team at Brown