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Important Deadline: Review Your AP Scores and Submit Requests for ‘No Notation of AP Credit’ -- August 15th

July 6th, 2017

Dear Incoming Students,

This email contains important information for incoming students with Advanced Placement (AP) scores.  Please read this email carefully and decide if you wish to accept or decline any transcript notations of AP credit before August 15th.  What you decide will impact your course selection and registration options.  

If we received your scores, you will see which scores Brown received and translated to AP credits based on current department policies.  We will post these AP credits permanently to your transcript, unless you decline transcript notation before August 15th. 

You have the option to decline AP credit(s), because certain AP credits will block you from registering for introductory level courses in Mathematics, Biology, Environmental Science, Psychology, French, German, or Italian. Some examples are BIOL 0200, MATH 0090, and FREN 0500.  Once AP credit is posted as a course equivalent, it prohibits registration in that course (and permits registration in a higher level course that has that course as a pre-requisite, although it does not increase your course count).

NOTE: AP CREDIT FOR MATH 0100 BLOCKS REGISTRATION IN ALL THREE OF THE MATH DEPARTMENT'S SECOND SEMESTER CALCULUS COURSES: MATH 0190, MATH 0170, and MATH 0100.If you are uncertain about appropriate course placement and selection, it is best to decline the summer notation of AP credit and retain the option to register for more introductory level courses.  Department placement tests, consultation with department placement advisors, and attending different level courses during shopping period once you are on campus can help you decide what the appropriate level course is for you.  If you decline an AP credit by August 15th and do not take the equivalent course(s), you can still request its notation later if your official College Board AP score report is on file, and your request is received prior to graduation.  (Notation of AP credit for a course in which you were registered after the last day to add a course in the fall--October 3rd, 2017--is not permitted.)

If we have not yet received your scores, and you therefore lack a course prerequisite for registration this fall, you will need to seek an instructor's override in September to register for his or her course.  Your scores will eventually be processed, so be sure to check in ASK for your test scores after you have sent them.   At this time, please carefully review Brown's AP policies online (click the link), consider if you might wish to take any courses that have a corresponding AP credit, and enter ASK (click the link and go to "Incoming Students>Test Scores") to accept or decline AP credit(s) before August 15th.  Students who miss the deadline to decline notation of AP credit are often disappointed that they can no longer remove the AP credit in order to register for an introductory level course in the fall or in subsequent semesters. 

If you have HL IB results, please also read the note below.

Sincerely, Dean Maitrayee Bhattacharyya International Baccalaureate (IB) exam scores become available in the summer.  Students should confirm directly with the International Baccalaureate Organization that their scores were or will be sent to Brown this summer.  Higher Level IB scores will be entered into the student's record by Brown; however, transfer credit is not automatically awarded.  Placement into higher level courses does not require transfer credit.  Students with qualifying HL IB score results in certain subjects may use these during registration in place of prerequisites as outlined online to place into higher level courses in corresponding areas.  Permission to enter courses in some areas may require an instructor's override, even if Brown has received your HL IB scores.

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